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Daryl Lim // pseudo-mountain elf with ballerino dreams
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Pas de deux shot from earlier today
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Marcelo Gomes (@marcelua) in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Tokyo 2014
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Jane Martin, Society for News Design award of excellence for inside feature page design for “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”  in the Boston Ballet special section, with infographics by Javier Zarracina
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Friedemann Vogel in Bejart’s Bolero at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago
(c) Patricio Melo
(from Friedemann’s FB page)

HIS ABS. HIS BODY. HIS TECHNIQUE. he’s literally perfect
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Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada in Romeo and Juliet
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juilliard dance

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Legit one of the few times i cringe less/do not completely hate watching myself do adagio (though there are slip-ups in-between). Not the best but still pretty proud tbh. Gotta work on cleaning up and refining that technique

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The Australian Ballet’s - Ballet Men
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