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Daryl Lim // pseudo-mountain elf with ballerino dreams
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Cameron McCune - American Ballet Theatre. Photo by Curtis Scott Brown.
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Advanced class today after a week down with the flu and stuck in bed and hooooly shit am I tired. Here, have a grand battement a la seconde.
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These days I have been dancing less with my body getting sicker and being able to withstand so much less training than it could before / please be temporary

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by Ulrich Beuttenmüller
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Daniil Simkin, ABT Principal, www.nycdanceproject.com
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Dorothée Gilbert and Marcelo Gomez in Romeo and Julietph. James Bort

What makes him such a good partner?"It’s his feeling for the ballerina’s balance.  He knows exactly where you will feel good and look good too. That’s not a technical skill you can learn. Either you have it or you don’t.   Of course, he’s also very strong, so that all the lifts are good.  But he has something special for your balance.  It’s really a rare talent and Manuel LeGris at the Paris Opera also has it a little.   And when you dance with Marcelo, it’s a pleasure because you don’t have to tell him: “a little bit more in front … a little bit more in the back.”  He just feels it and you’re where you want to be and need to be, so it’s all very easy." [source]
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Svetlana Zakharova and Andrey Merkuriev in Adagio
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